Distek sensIR 3200 Bathless Disintegrator


sensIR 3200 Bathless Disintegrator

Distek’s sensIR 3200 uses proven bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the hassle and inconveniences associated with conventional water bath-based instruments. By eliminating the water bath and utilizing a sleek modular unit, Distek’s sensIR 3200 offers two, four, or six disintegration test stations in the smallest footprint of any comparably equipped model.


“Optional” Auto Endpoint Detection - Auto Endpoint Detection* using “Patent Pending” Near Infrared eliminates the need for modified fluted disks. 
Unattended endpoint detection saves time and increases throughput. 
Bathless Heating - Heating media from ambient to 37°C in approximately 8 minutes significantly increases throughput. 
Eliminates common problems associated with standard water baths such as slow heating rates and algae growth. 
Advanced User Interface - Includes robust features such as: storing of 100 reports and records, running of three unique methods simultaneously, managing 50 users, setting qualification reminders and much more. 
Integrated Temperature Sensor - Enables the monitoring and documenting of the individual breaker temperatures for improved regulatory compliance while eliminating the need for manually verifying temperature equilibration prior to tablet introduction. 
Scalability - Available in 2, 4, or 6 standard positions to meet your productivity needs while being upgradeable in the field as capacity demands. 
Run Multiple Methods Simultaneously - Up to three independent methods run simultaneously minimizing development time and increasing productivity. 
Semi-Circle Footprint - Maximizes the placement of up to 6 disintegration stations while minimizing the amount of bench space required. 
* The accuracy of auto endpoint detection is not guaranteed and results can be influenced by product and media types. Distek does not warrant the use of NIR detection technology for all products and media types.


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