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Crude2Pure (C2P)

Purification/powderization after retention and concentration of fractions of target compounds obtained by a preparative LC system   
"Crude2Pure" System with a completely new way   
When purifying target compounds from extracts of natural products and synthetic substances via preparative LC, powderization of the target compounds of the fraction is an important process. Ordinarily, it takes time to purify and powderize the target compounds obtained by the preparative LC. It is also difficult to recover high-purity powder.   
The Crude2Pure system consists of a trapping system equipped with a dedicated Shim-pack C2P-H column for trapping and concentrating the target compound, and a recovery system that automatically powderizes and recovers the trapping target compound.   
Single and multi-system configurations are available to meet specific operational requirements.   
Retention and Concentration of Compounds —Crude2Pure Trapping System—   
Ordinarily, when removing solvents, it is necessary to evaluate detailed conditions for each compound. With the Crude2Pure, however, simply place the preparative LC fraction in the autosampler, and enter the compound information into the interactive software to automatically trap the compound. In addition, the newly developed Shim-pack C2P-H trapping column can be used with a wide range of organic solvents and pH conditions, and provides high loading and high recovery rates. Further, trapping conditions are determined from the information on retention times obtained during fractionation, so there is no need to evaluate conditions individually. This eliminates the need to perform difficult preliminary evaluations to determine trapping conditions.   
The Crude2Pure system, which is based on ground-breaking purification methods, provides a new approach that reduces the work of the purification/powderization process after preparation.


Powderizing Compounds —Crude2Pure Recovery System—   
This stage recovers the target compound trapped in the trapping column and then simultaneously powderizes it.   
In addition, it can perform desalination and salt substitution as is, prior to recovery.   
The sequence from pretreatment to powderization takes approximately three to four hours, which saves a great deal of time in comparison to centrifugal concentration or freeze drying. The vial in which the powderized target compound is recovered can be used as a storage container as is, eliminating the need to transfer the samples.   
Furthermore, adding the changer option increases the throughput of drying and powderization via 6-line parallel processing (multi system).   
Basic Crude2Pure System (Single Recovery System)   
This is the simplest Crude2Pure system. The trapping system can process up to four samples and the recovery system two samples.   
(Expansion to a multi system is possible.)   
Multi Recovery System Supporting Multi-sample Processing
This is recommended for multi-sample processing. The sample concentrated by the single trapping system is processed continuously by the multi recovery system. The recovery system accommodates up to 48 samples. The dedicated software, which is compatible with open access, allows setting of the trapping columns to the recovery system during operation.   
Expansion from the Basic System (Multi Trapping / Recovery System)   
If more throughput is required, the trapping system and the recovery system can be expanded to a multi system by adding rack changers, etc.




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