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Ozilla Ozone Sterilizer

The Ozilla™ Sterilizer is a unique and innovative laboratory sterilization system. This portable bench top sterilizer from Genlantis uses high-levels of ozone gas to clean and sterilize laboratory work cabinets (hoods, incubators, etc.) and various tools, especially ones involved in sensitive experiments or assays and that cannot be sterilized with standard heat autoclaves. The Ozilla Sterilizer will eliminate*† surface (or airborne) bacteria, mold, fungi, spores and viruses, and eliminate odors when used correctly. The device is small enough to put directly inside cell culture incubators, tissue culture hoods, or any other sealed enclosures that need to be sterilized or kept sterile. When used with the Ozilla™ Box (available separately under catalog # E40010B) the Ozilla Sterilizer can be used to clean a variety of equipment and tools - especially ones that will be damaged or destroyed in a standard autoclave - such as pipettes, pipette tips, gloves, safety eyewear, lab coats, plates, small instruments, cell culture plasticware, and much more.   
The Ozilla Sterilizer generates and releases triatomic oxygen (O3) gas, which readily gives up a single oxygen atom. This single oxygen is able to combine with other molecules (odors, toxic gases, bacteria, spores, etc.) and neutralize them via the powerful and natural oxidative process. Best of all, the Ozilla Sterilizer contains a   
de-ozonation (aka “scrubbing”) feature, which converts ozone gas back to oxygen at the end of a sterilization cycle, hence removing ozone gas from the environment.
Ozilla Ozone Sterilizer
Depth 11 in
Height 5 in
Width 13 in


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction    
  • Programmable timed operation    
  • Simple and easy maintenance    
  • Powerful (2000 mgph) ozone output    
  • De-ozonation at 240 cfm    
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight
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    Ozilla Ozone Sterilizer

    Ozilla Ozone Sterilizer

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