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The PTF 60ERA has six (PTF 30ERA = 3 drums) separate drums mounted on a single axis. The instrument is supplied with six (“Roche”) friability test drums as standard although it may also be used with the abrasion drums as an optional extra. Operation is virtually silent and the instrument may be set to rotate at speeds over the range of 20 to 60 rpm. The drums are made from Plexiglas (Perspex) and are in two pieces which aids cleaning. Anti static coated Plexiglas drums are available as an option. The PTF ERA friability testing instrument are designed in compliance to the monographs of the USP and EP pharmacopoeias. Once the test is finished, then the samples are discharged into individual stainless steel collectors where they can have any residual dust removed. From there, they can be weighed and the weight loss has to be calculated. The instrument housing is made from stainless steel to comply with common GLP regulations.
Weight 21 kg
Additional Specifications Display:  
LED Display  
numerical and function keys  
Key entries:  
speed, time or number of revolutions  
Drum rotating speed:  
adjustable, 20 - 60 rpm  
Test Drums:  
6 Friability Drums with discharging hole  
Speed accuracy per minute:  
± 1 rpm up to 30 rpm - ± 2 rpm up to 60 rpm  
Enter total testing time:  
1 - 9999 seconds  
or enter no. of revolutions:  
1 - 9999 revolutions


  • Fully USP and EP compliant     
  • Six drum instrument     
  • Variable from 20-60rpm     
  • Friability (“Roche”) and abrasion drums available     
  • Anti-static coating of drums available     
  • Operation at 10° angle to test larger tablets is supported     
  • Reliably predict the weight loss of a tablet during coating, transportation and packaging processes     
  • Programmable for number of drum revolutions or rotating time     
  • Automated discharge of samples after test     
  • Stainless steel housing to fit well into a production area     
  • IQ/OQ documents included free of charge
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    Semi Automated Tablet Friability Test Instrument - Type PTF 60ERA

    Semi Automated Tablet Friability Test Instrument - Type PTF 60ERA

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