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PTWS 310

PTWS 310, compact, complete, automated lift up: all-in-one design affords easy and safe handling for correct tool height and sampling positions – unique instrument design and handling. The user may enter a testing procedure description as a method and file it. User access and operating level administration are standard for the PTWS series instruments. A 2 liter vessel version, the PTWS 310-2 is available, too.   
All test vessels are placed in 4 + 4 rows and it is easy to remove spent samples and refill with solvent. The clear-view Plexiglas (Perspex) U-shaped water bath and the central drainage tap make sure that the bath can be cleaned any time should this be required. The solid design of the bath and the same clearance of the bath frame to any of the vessels inside it, ensures a perfect temperature distribution throughout. A built-in water diffuser distributes the heated media inside the bath. The bath itself rests on vibration absorbers. This avoids any vibration transfer from either inside the instrument or even from external equipment placed on the same bench surface.
PTWS 310
Additional Specifications PTWS 310


Fully USP and EP compliant   
8 stirred positons   
Electronic lift drive   
Manual tablet magazine for synchronous tablet drop   
Options – Automated tablet magazine, EPE automated sampling system, ITM idividual temperature monitoring system   
Interfaces – RS232 and I/O port for remote control in automated applications


PTWS 310

PTWS 310

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adjistment Lift position

we lost Lift adjustment. Could you please inform me how I can adjust lift drive?Thanks

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