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Caleva THT-15

The THT 15 tablet hardness tester is an easy to use economical tablet hardness tester. It can be operated as a constant speed or constant force tester and measure up to 99 samples per test run.   
Test results and statistical analyses are displayed via LED’s. Along with date, time, serial number and date of the last calibration, these results are documented by a printer connected via the standard USB port. Run-time parameters, such as date, time, the delay required between the tests of individual samples can be defined via an onboard menu.   
The THT 15 is the Caleva basic dual-mode (“Constant Speed” and “Constant Force”) tablet hardness tester offering accuracy, robust design and basic functions.   
The THT15 is operated via a symbol keypad which allows entering the number of samples required for testing.   
Results of sample hardness as well as sample diameter and thickness (both optional) are shown at the two bright LE displays and can be printed (incl. date/time) by the standard USB printer interface.   
The calibration is menu-guided and includes a calibration print-out (3 point calibration, either statically by static weights or dynamically by AutoCal 2.0) with date and time of performance as well as unit serial number.   
The integrated menu allows setting the measurement mode incl. breaking speed-/force increase rate, time/date, sensitivity of the hardness measurement and a break between the tests to remove dust and debris.


  • Electronic load cell
  • Max. sample size: 30.00 mm diameter/length   
  • Optional determination of diameter/length and thickness from 0.10 up to 30.00 mm (+/- 0.03 mm)   
  • Measurement range for hardness testing from 3 to 300 Newton (N, KP or SC) (+/-1 Newton)   
  • Adjustable measurement speed/force increase   
  • Integrated calibration menu   
  • USB printer port table hardness testster includes a USB printer port as well as an Ethernet and standard RS232 computer port.
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    Caleva THT-15 Tablet Hardness Tester

    Caleva THT-15 Tablet Hardness Tester

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