Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Helix


Zetasizer Helix

The system retains all of the functionality of the Zetasizer Nano ZSP and adds Raman spectroscopy to determine secondary and tertiary structure of proteins and protein-based biotherapeutics. This wealth of characterization data provided by a single instrument platform provides the understanding to enable more efficient drug development processes, shortening time to market, and increasing drug product quality. The exceptional performance also enables the measurement of the molecular weight and second virial coefficient, A2, of macromolecules and kD, the DLS interaction parameter.           
Information can be derived from non-experts through powerful software – where trends of a pre-determined set of parameters are graphed and fitted with no expertise required.           
To keep from sacrificing analytical power though, an advanced processing mode provides a full suite of tools – from data pre-processing to multivariate analysis. The use of the instrument is therefore enabled for applications method development.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Zetasizer Helix
Light Source He-Ne laser 633nm, Max 10mW
Depth 600 mm
Height 375 mm
Width 320 mm
Power Requirements 100VA (DLS)
Weight 19 kg


  • Study formulations without or with minimal dilution           
  • Understand mechanisms of aggregation and oligomerization           
  • Identify Critical to Quality product attributes           
  • “Expertise Optional” data analysis software provides trend results without making expert level decisions            
  • Advance data analysis tools include a full suite of spectroscopic analysis tools, from pre-treatment to multivariate analysis.           
  • Temperature ramp data gives insights into product stability and mechanisms of aggregation           
  • Isothermal incubation data enables kinetics and reversibility to be investigated           
  • Sample series allows the cause of batch-to-batch variation to be investigated           
  • In-depth analysis of secondary and tertiary protein structure
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    Zetasizer Helix

    Zetasizer Helix

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