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Bruker’s Inspire™ delivers, for the first time, highest-resolution nanoscale chemical and property mapping combined with radical productivity advances and uncompromised AFM performance. The integrated, self-optimizing system acquires nanoscale infrared absorption and reflection maps at regular AFM imaging speeds, without the limitations of indirect mechanical approaches or added complexity for the user.     
Taking full advantage of Bruker’s exclusive PeakForce Tapping® technology, Inspire’s new approach to infrared scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (sSNOM) extends its capability to nanoscale chemical mapping of a wide variety of samples. The new technique, PeakForce IR™, interleaves sSNOM signal acquisition with PeakForce Tapping feedback, providing the full combined set of information at the same time.
Microscope Type Atomic Force
Additional Specifications Optics   
Integrated infrared scattering SNOM system:   
Includes all required optics, laser, and detector;   
High-quality broadband optical components;   
Lowest-noise, liquid N2-cooled detector;   
Accurate interferometer control;   
Low-noise Quantum Cascade Laser source;   
Optimized near-field collection and excitation optics   
AFM Head Application module-ready AFM head (supports all optional modes)   
125Μm x 125Μm X-Y x 5Μm Z range;   
Other scanner options available upon request   
NanoScope® V Control Station with v9.0 NanoScope real-time control software;   
NanoScope v1.5 analysis software;   
Windows 7 Operating System   
Scanning probe IR modes:   
IR sSNOM operated in TappingMode™ and PeakForce IR™ mode   
General imaging modes:   
ScanAsyst® Torsional Resonance Mode   
PeakForce Tapping® Scanning Tunneling Microscopy   
TappingMode Lateral Force Microscopy   
Contact Mode PhaseImaging™   
Optional material characterization modes:   
PeakForce KPFM™ Nanoscale Thermal Analysis   
Conductive AFM Liquid Imaging   
PeakForce TUNA™ Electrochemical SPM   
PeakForce QNM® Nanoindentation   
PeakForce Capture™ Piezo Force Microscopy   
Force Volume Electric and Magnetic Force Microscopy


Highest Resolution Chemical Mapping with sSNOM     
  • Spatio-spectral chemical imaging in polymers     
  • Plasmonics probing in the 2D electron gas of graphene     
  • Material type identification: metals vs semiconductors vs insulators     
  • Film thickness variation with molecular monolayer sensitivity     
    Chemical Imaging for New Materials     
  • Powders and polymer brushes where neither contact nor TappingMode succeed     
  • Rubbery components, metals, semiconductors, ceramics, and other samples not conducive to photothermal approaches     
  • Samples not microtomable into thin slice or not mountable onto hydrophobic support     
  • Samples that don’t reflect, transmit, or are not Raman active     
    Highest Resolution Correlated Properties Mapping     
  • Modulus, adhesion, deformation, and AFM topography images with up to atomic defect resolution     
  • Previously unattainable conductivity and workfunction mapping with high resolution even on soft and fragile samples     
    A new level of productivity     
  • High-resolution infrared imaging with scan rates of up to 10Hz     
  • Fast optical setup of the integrated optics with point-and-click optical alignment guided by an optical field map     
  • Easier, faster, more consistent AFM imaging with Bruker’s proprietary ScanAsyst® automatic image optimization
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