Malvern Panalytical MicroCal VP-DSC


MicroCal VP-DSC

The MicroCal VP-DSC delivers the ability to study molecules in their native state without labeling and can be used with colored solutions or turbid suspensions. It measures very tight binding constants, up to 10 20 M-1. Unattended operation after sample loading frees operator time and this complete system requires no additional accessories, reagents or consumables.     
Typical applications include determining protein stability and the thermodynamics of unfolding, antibody domain structure determination, characterization of membranes and lipids, and the measurement of ultra-tight molecular interactions.
MicroCal VP-DSC
Depth 440 mm
Height 190 mm
Width 200 mm
Power Requirements 11-240V, 50/60Hz, 70W
Weight 8.2 kg
Additional Specifications Measurement type:     
Temperature midpoint Tm     
Measurement type:     
Enthalpy ?H     
Measurement type:     
Heat capacity change ?Cp     
Sample volume:
Cell volume:     
Sample capacity:     
2 -5 samples / 8 h (manual system)     
Cell material:     
Typical sample concentration:     
0.1 - 2.0mg/mL     
Temperature range:     
-10°C to 130°C     
Maximum scan rate:     
90°C/h or 120°C/h     
Response time:     
7s (high feedback)     
Multiple feedback modes:     
Yes (passive, high gain, low gain)     
Automated upgrade available:     
Baseline repeatability:     


Non-reactive Tantalum cells for excellent chemical resistance.     
Fixed in-place cells for reproducible, ultrasensitive performance with low maintenance.     
Three user selectable response times for maximum performance.     
User selectable temperature scan rates and range for application versatility.     
Self-contained pressurization system (0.45 psi) for studying solutions above their boiling point.     
Pressure Perturbation Calorimetry accessory available for determining partial specific volumes.     
Peltier element for precise temperature.     
Includes MicroCal Thermovac™ sample preparation and cleaning device.     
Controlled by VPViewer™ software and data analysis performed with Origin®.     
Tm shift ligand binding screens.


MicroCal VP-DSC

MicroCal VP-DSC

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