HORIBA iRiS 4.2 MP Scientific CMOS


iRiS 4.2 MP Scientific CMOS

The iRiS is a 4.2 Megapixel Scientific CMOS camera. The 2048x2048 sensor size enables a large field of view and ultimate image resolution. The camera is peltier cooled enabling low dark current.   
The iRiS Scientific CMOS combines ultra-low noise, extreme sensitivity, wide dynamic range and high resolution. The excellent quantum efficiency of 63% at 500 nm and 34% at 850 nm, makes the iRiS camera the ideal candidate for low light, high resolution measurements.    
iRiS uses a 12 bit A/D converter and offers a standard CameraLink output to offer the best, most reliable and cost effective interface solution.    
The iRiS camera offers outstanding performances for low light, high resolution applications such as adaptive optics, solar astronomy, fluorescence imaging, X-ray tomography, super resolution microscopy, FRET/FRAP/TIRF.   
The camera is fully compatible with the image analysis software XCAP from EPIX and Micro-Manager software that provides a comprehensive and free software platform for automated microscopy.   
Connected to an HORIBA Spectrometer, the iRiS camera is fully compatible with VSPEC-PRO software, a high performance software that provides sophisticated spectroscopy and imaging capabilities.
iRiS 4.2 MP Scientific CMOS
Depth 65 mm
Height 61.5 mm
Width 85.9 mm
Additional Specifications 4.2MP Scientific CMOS sensor   
Enables large field of view imaging   
5.5Μm x 5.5Μm   
Enables ultra sharp image resolution   
On-board Non Uniformity Correction (NUC)   
Enables highest quality images   
TE cooling   
Optimizes dark current   
Quantum Efficiency: >63% @ 500nm and >34% @ 850nm   
Optimum Photon collection   
Ultra compact and rugged   
Ideal for OEM integration into Life Science instruments



iRiS 4.2 MP Scientific CMOS

iRiS 4.2 MP Scientific CMOS

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