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Titan Halo

In today's scientific world, there is a large group of researchers - often working in a multi-user environment - that is aiming for a wide range of applications, often on the cutting edge of life and materials sciences. This category has a strong need for versatility, aiming to work at both cryogenic and ambient temperature conditions and thus demanding, for example, a wider choice of sample holders.      
The Titan HaloTM transmission electron microscope (TEM) is designed with the focus on versatility in application while it still benefits from the superior optics that the Titan platform offers. The 300 kV high voltage ensures a large electron penetration power, which is particularly crucial for tomography on thicker biological sections and for soft matter research. The Titan Optics also encodes for an optimal parallel illumination over a wide magnification range and large field of view which is a prerequisite for minimized aberrations in the obtained datasets. Its superior optical and platform stability combined with the possibility to use the microscope at both cryogenic and ambient conditions permits the Titan Halo to be used for a wide range of semi-automated applications including: 2D electron crystallography, single particle analysis, and (cryo) electron tomography. However, also analytical applications such as EELS will be applicable.      
The Titan HaloTM is a powerful and flexible high resolution electron microscope for various characterizations of biological and materials oriented samples. The platform design combines an excellent optical performance and thermal and mechanical stability with a high flexibility. It masters the complete dynamic range from live observation of focused high intensity beams to low dose applications and diffraction.
Titan Halo
Electron Microscope Type TEM
Microscope Type Electron


  • Multi-purpose instrument - ideal for a wide range of applications      
  • Best value for money for 300 kV and high resolution applications      
  • Maximum ease of use through embedded HW and SW solutions      
  • Reduced cost of ownership due to small footprint/building requirements
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    Titan Halo

    Titan Halo

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