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MSO2000A Series

The MSO2000A series digital oscilloscope is another Best-In-Class instrument from Rigol offering an unmatched feature/value package. The MSO2000A is a fast and versatile scope covering frequencies up to 300 MHz with two channels and a wide vertical range (500uV/div-10V/div) to deliver an extremely low noise floor to help you capture smaller signals. Add a 2 GSa/s max. sample rate and 14 Mpts. of standard memory depth to its user-friendly interface and 8 inch WVGA display and you've got a scope that outperforms the competition in a wide range of bench-top and field applications. The MSO2000A series also includes 16 bit of mixed signal logic channels as well as an option for an embedded 2 channel, 25 MHz waveform generator.      
Series Models: 
MSO2302A and MSO2302A-S     
300 Hz     
MSO2202A and MSO2202A-S     
200 Hz     
MSO2102A and MSO2102A-S     
100 Hz     
MSO2072A and MSO2072A-S     
70 Hz  


  • Wider vertical range(500uV/div ~ 10V/div), lower noise floor, better for small signal capturing     
  • Full bandwidth, lower overshoot(<5%), perfect frequency response design     
  • Bandwidth 70MHz,100MHz,200MHz, 300MHz     
  • 16 bit digital inputs for mixed signal applications with 1 GSa/s sampling     
  • Max. Sample Rate 2G Sa/s     
  • Standard Memory Depth up to14Mpts,Optional Memory Depth up to 56Mpts     
  • Innovative "UltraVision" technology     
  • Integrated 2 channel, 25 MHz generator ("-S" models only)     
  • 50 Ohm Impedance included
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