Syrris Atlas Cryo Reactor


Atlas Cryo Reactor

The compact module requires only mains power to rapidly cool reactions to process temperatures as low as -80°C. A range of clip-on adaptors enable the use of regular 100ml or 500ml flasks. An integrated magnetic stirrer offers powerful stirring up to 1200rpm.   
Designed specifically for chemistry, the Atlas Cryo Reactor offers the ultimate in compact, high performance, trouble free cooling of round bottom flasks. By using sophisticated proprietary cooling, the module only requires mains power to rapidly achieve temperatures as low as -80°C.   
The module allows one of two round bottom flask adaptors to be connected at any one time. The quick latch mechanism means that the adaptors can be changed in seconds without the need for tools.


  • Ultra cold: Cools a selection of round bottom flasks from 10°C to -80°C.   
  • Accurate control: An “in reactor” temperature probe enables excellent temperature control.   
  • No tools required: The module allows adaptors for 100ml or 500ml flasks to be attached or detached in seconds without tools. Ask for custom adaptors.   
  • Mains power only: Only regular mains supply needed for cooling. No dry ice, liquid N2, running water or circulator required!   
  • Easy to use on its own: Turn the dial to select the desired process temperature.   
  • Compact: The Atlas Cryo Reactor is just 16cm (6.3”) wide.   
  • Easy automation: The Atlas Cryo Reactor can connect to the Atlas PC Software along with the other Atlas modules to enable sophisticated process automation, graphing and data logging.
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    Atlas Cryo Reactor

    Atlas Cryo Reactor

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