BrandTech Scientific BRANDplates® inertGrade™ Microplates


BRANDplates® inertGrade™ Microplates

BRANDplates® inertGrade™ 96-well microplates for cultivation of suspension and stem cells are available in a full range of well shapes and colors. These individually wrapped sterile plates have orange embossed alphanumeric lettering for easy identification of surface treatment and well locations.   
These microplates are especially suited for cell cultures when adhesion is not desired. Hydrogel technology optimizes the surface characteristics to suppress interactions of cells or protein with the polystyrene plastic. This reduction of cell adhesion and protein adsorption minimizes enzyme and cellular activation to aid in the inhibition of the differentiation of progenitor or stem cells and promotes the formation of spheroids.   
BRANDplates® inertGrade™ cell culture plates are sterilized by ethylene oxide for a sterile assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 meaning no more than one part in 1 x 10-6 is contaminated. This level of sterility complies with the requirements of USP 29 and the Ph.Eur. In addition, plates are DNA-, DNase-, and RNase-free and meet the cytotoxic substance levels per DIN EN ISO 10993. Endotoxin detection limit is <0.01 EU/mL.


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    BRANDplates® inertGrade™ Microplates for Cell Culture

    BRANDplates® inertGrade™ Microplates for Cell Culture

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