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Diffuse Reflector

Light hitting a solid surface reflects in one of two ways. If the surface is smooth on a microscopic level, individual light rays will reflect at the same angle, if it is rough, the light will be scattered. Reflection from the smooth surface is called Specular Reflection, while reflection from the rough surface is called Diffuse Reflection. The sum is called the Total Reflection.   
The Diffuse Reflector is used to measure the diffuse reflectance of various samples such as Metal, Film, Glass, Cloth, Paper, Gems, Powder, etc. It can be also used for measuring the sample color using the LabPro® Plus software? Color Analysis mode.



Diffuse Reflector

Diffuse Reflector

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Founded in 1990, SCINCO took the plunge into the high-tech analytical instruments manufacture field as the wasteland in the country for those day and...

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Is it possible to change the mirror placed in the box? because it is striped. How many lamps is it using? Deuterio & Tugsten Lamps?  I tried to do analysis but all were wrong and noisy.  Please let me know your...

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