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Incredible sensitivity, beautiful software and easy to operate. Spinsolve can easily measure normal and concentrated samples in 10 seconds. For dilute samples a good spectrum can often be acquired in less than 10 minutes. Don’t waste time waiting for results when you can have them immediately. Perfect for when there is a queue of students waiting to measure their samples in a practical lab class.
Additional Specifications
  • Frequency: 42.5 MHz Proton , 40.1 MHz Fluorine and 10.8 MHz Carbon   
  • Nuclei: 1H Proton, 19F Fluorine and 13C Carbon   
  • Resolution: 50% linewidth 100:1 for 1% ethylbenzene single scan   
  • Sample: Standard 5 mm OD NMR sample tubes, 7″ length   
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 200 uL   
  • Weight: 55kg   
  • Dimensions: 58 x 43 x 40 cm   
  • Lock: Fast automatic lock. Deuterium solvent not required   
  • Stray Field: 2G line completely inside spectrometer
  • Features

  • Exceptional Performance   
  • Convenient and Easy to Use   
  • Low Purchase and Operating Cost   
  • Safe
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    Magritek Spinsolve

    Magritek Spinsolve

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    Founded in 2004, Magritek is an advanced technology company exporting from Germany and New Zealand to customers all over the world. The initial technology...

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