TriStar² S LB 942

With TriStar² S the multi-technology microplate reader platform has been extended in its modularity, performance and user-friendliness by adding a double monochromator for wavelength selection and TRF reading technology.         
  • Luminescence         
  • BRET and BRET²         
  • Fluorescence         
  • FRET         
  • UV/Vis Absorbance         
  • Time-resolved fluorescence         
    The TriStar² S has been developed to support a fully modular approach. Any combination of reading technologies and options can be composed maintaining all possibilities of later upgrades.         
    The optical system ONE-4-ALL with a new revolutionary design is the first time a single optical system has been employed in a multi-technology reader that matches the performance of individual dedicated optical devices. The revolutionary 3D double monochromator offers full flexibility in wavelength selection.
  • TriStar² S LB 942
    Detection Method low-noise photomultiplier tube operated in dual mode, spectral range 280 to 650 nm photo diode, spectral range 200 – 1000 nm
    Shaking Yes
    Temperature Control Yes
    Depth 470 mm incl. injectors
    Height 345 mm incl. injectors
    Width 400 mm incl. injectors
    Additional Specifications Excitation Sources:        
    Xenon flash lamp       
    f number: 2.7 (high light transmission)       
    variable bandwidth: 4 - 22 nm       
    increment: 1 nm       
    blocking: 10-6       
    Sample/Plate Formats:        
    6 – 384 well plates       
    Terasaki plates       
    Petri dishes       
    filter membranes       
    Temperature Control:        
    up to 45 °C       
    including Peltier cooling of photomultiplier       
    3 modes, 3 velocities       
    up to 10,000 points per well       
    up to 3 JET injectors       
    variable volume 10 – 100 µL       
    variable speed       
    Kinetics Operation:        
    minimum resolution 0.05 sec       
    maximum duration up to 7 days       
    6 decades (PMT)       
    4 decades (photo diode)       
    accuracy better 98 % over entire volume range       
    precision better 98 % over entire volume range


    Double Monochromator         
    TriStar² S LB 942 employs a double monochromator for absorbance and fluorescecence excitation. The monochromator is predominately meant to provide entire wavelength flexibility and spectral scanning posibilities in absorbance and fluorescence measurements, yet they can be used for Time-Resolved Fluorescence measurements as well.         
    While a low f number and a high blocking ensure exceptional performance variable bandwidths and increments of 1 nm illustrate the versatility of the monochromators.         
    Built-in Reagent Injectors         
    Up to 3 reagent injectors can be set up to dispense multiple activators or detection reagents at any time and with user-adjustable volumes during the measurement.JET injector         
    Berthold Technologies´ injectors are based on the proprietary JET Injection technology. Superior accuracy and precision is combined with excellent mixing performance. Variable injections speeds and "friendly" material enable even injection of live cells (e.g. in Aequorin based GPCR screening).         
    One of the injector tips is located in reading position enabling the measurement of very fast labels, e.g. Acridinium esters, and to inject activators into a running kinetic.         
    The ergonomic design of the housing provides front access of the injectors keeping the reagent reservoirs within reach and within eyesight. A through allows keeping the reagent bottles on ice or elevated temperatures – just as required.         
    Wash Plate         
    Excess fluids from priming and washing procedures are safely discarded via a specially designed wash plate.         
    Temperature Control         
    A temperature controlled microplate compartment ensures stable conditions whenever temperature sensitive enzymes or cells are in use. Condensation of lidded microplates is reduced.         
    Front Access of Reagents         
    The reagent reservoirs can be placed on the front for easy access and monitoring. A smoked see through lid protects the reagents from light. A base trough allows for the use of ice to keep the reagents cool.         
    In the TriStar² S any of reading technologies can be combined with each other and any of the options added.


    • TriStar² S LB 942 Monochromator Multimode Reader

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