Malvern Panalytical Zeta potential transfer standard (DTS1235)


Zeta potential transfer standard (DTS1235)

Zeta Potential Transfer Standard Box of 10 Syringes. A polystyrene latex standard in aqueous buffer at pH9   
The material on which the DTS1230 zeta potential transfer standard is based is no longer available, and the syringes produced using this material are hence no longer available. A new transfer standard is being introduced, DTS1235, which has a zeta potential of -42mV +/- 4.2mV.



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Measurement of std with dip cell zen 1002

The specification -42 +/- 4.2 mv applies also in case a different cell is used for ex dip cell ZEN1002 instead of the folded capillary cell described on the manual?

Quote item DTS1235

We are inserted in buying QTY 2 of this item : DTS1235 Please advise the price and lead-time.

Size of the polystyrene latex particles form DTS 1235?

I would like to know which would be the size of the latex particles from the Potential standard DTS 1235? Regards, Mercè

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