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Cytation 5

Cytation™ 5 is a configurable system that combines automated digital widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate reading to provide phenotypic cellular information and well-based quantitative data. This single instrument platform can process workflows that would traditionally require multiple instruments and software interfaces, and is simple to setup and operate. With up to 60x magnification, the microscopy module provides high-quality cellular and sub-cellular imaging in fluorescence, brightfield, H&E and phase contrast. The multi-mode microplate reader features BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology™, which incorporates variable bandwidth monochromator optics and high sensitivity filter-based detection optics for unmatched versatility and performance. Live cell imaging and multi-mode assays are optimized with incubation to 65 °C and shaking, plus available CO2/O2 control and dual reagent injectors. Image capture, data collection and powerful image and data analysis are managed with Gen5™ software, specifically designed for uncomplicated processing of even the most complex assays.
Cytation 5
Bandwidth 4 nm (230 - 285 nm), 8 nm (>285 nm)
Detection Mode Luminescence AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA, Fluorescence intensity, Fluorescence polarization, Time-resolved fluorescence, Absorbance
Lighting Xenon flash - fluorescence and absorbance 100 mW laser - AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA
Shaking Pattern Linear, orbital, double orbital
Wavelength Range 200 to 700 nm
Wavelength Selection Quadruple monochromators (top/bottom) and deep blocking bandpass filters/dichroic mirrors (top)
Shaking Yes
Temperature Control Yes 4-Zone incubation to 65°C with Condensation Control; +0.2 °C at 37 °C
Depth 20 in
Height 17.5 in
Width 16.5 in
Peak Power 250 W
Weight 80 lbs


  • Fluorescence, brightfield, H&E and phase contrast microscopy and conventional multi-mode microplate reading provides powerful imaging and quantitative data collection in one instrument   
  • Patented Hybrid Technology™, available for multi-mode microplate reading, combines high performance filters with variable bandwidth monochromators for versatility and performance   
  • The fluorescence monochromators offer a variable bandwidth from 9 nm to 50 nm in 1 nm increments for ultimate flexibility   
  • Laser-based excitation for AlphaScreen® / AlphaLISA® assays   
  • CO2/O2 control, incubation to 65 °C and shaking optimize cell-based and other assays   
  • Low volume (2 µL) nucleic acid and protein quantification with the available Take3 Plates   
  • Powerful yet easy to use Gen5 software for efficient plate reading, image capture and analysis
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