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How do you turn vast amounts of enterprise data into effective business decisions? With multiple applications generating terabytes of dataoften in separate silosmission-critical information might never even reach the people who need it most. Thermo Scientific Integration Manager is a flexible, powerful data transformation tool that translates and consolidates disparate data sources, enabling point-to-point data distribution across the enterprise. This allows departments to simplify daily workflows, manage and capture data more efficiently, and communicate more effectively. And it lets managers make decisions based on up-to-the-minute information from the entire operation.


With Integration Manager, data generated by any of the instruments, services, or third party applications in place throughout the organization can be collected electronically and stored in a central database, regardless of the individual output formats produced by each instrument or manual process. The system accepts data from across the enterprise, and delivers it in a format appropriate to each intended recipient.   
Gives Managers the Information They Need for Smarter Decision Making   
  • Fully integrates disparate instruments in the laboratory with LIMS (Laboratory Information Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)   
  • Allows all levels of management to access laboratory-sourced data from within familiar systems; for example:   
  • Process operations staff will see relevant laboratory batch data alongside online sensor readings within their familiar MES control panel   
  • Back office personnel in logistics and quality assurance will see up to the minute quality information within the corporate ERP system   
    Facilitates Secure, Centralized Data Management   
  • Highly configurable, open standards architecture can be readily tailored to the specific needs of your enterprise   
  • Reduces reporting time and allows scientific personnel to spend more time on science, rather than administrative work   
  • Eliminates potential human error created during manual reporting processes
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