Thermo Scientific Cytomat™ 10


Cytomat™ 10

Designed to fit into the busiest of cell biology or screening laboratories, the Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 10 Automated Incubator offers superior environmental control and can be seamlessly integrated with any existing automated system.The Cytomat 10 is a fully automated incubator and storage module for high-capacity cell growth and assay incubation.The Cytomat 10 provides a fast plate access time of less than 10 seconds. Additionally, multiple transfer positions and an under-bench version allow flexible incubator placement within the laboratory. As the first generation of automated incubator with a fully automated thermal decontamination system, the Cytomat 10 is designed to significantly decrease the risk of contamination and reduce assay variability.


Effortless Humidity Control   
  • Built-in external water reservoir   
  • Utilizes HydraSmart technology   
  • Sterilized internal water source   
  • Micro particle filter technology   
  • Advanced warning sensor for refilling   
    Temperature Control   
  • Superior air jacketed heating system   
  • Temperature uniformity, conforms to DIN12880 standards   
  • Below 10 second access time   
  • Individual speed setting per plate /   
  • Application specific speed settings; slow, medium, fast   
    Contamination Prevention   
  • ContraCon 90°C moist heat decontamination—utilized and proven in over 50,000 HeraCell™ CO2 incubators   
  • Automated routine   
  • Copper inner chamber option   
    Flexible Stacker Options   
  • Compatible with existing Cytomat stacker   
  • Standard or customized stacker pitch sizes   
  • Mix and match different pitch stackers   
  • Autoclaveable, stainless steel   
  • Allows for accurate temperature distribution   
  • Backlight LED touch screen control panel   
  • Multiple plate access and loading positions   
  • Internal and direct barcode reader   
  • Positive plate park position sensor   
    Easy to Integrate   
  • Intuitive software commands   
  • Flat gate, no gate cover   
  • SILA (Standard in Lab Automation) compliant   
  • Direct connection to a clean bench   
  • Multiple transfer stations   
  • CE   
  • RoHs   
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited facility
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