BUCHI Corporation Sepacore® Flash Cartridges


Sepacore® Flash Cartridges

BUCHI Sepacore® Flash Cartridges are designed to allow fast and efficient isolation of high purity compounds. The very broad range of sorbents together with the large choice of cartridge sizes provides a solution for any purification requirement.


  • Short separation time at high flow rates with minimized back pressure   
  • Fast optimization on high resolution cartridges   
  • No column cleaning and filling required   
  • High resolution separation using high quality silica   
  • Isolation of your compound from a complex mixture   
  • Reproducible separations on optimally packed cartridges   
Easy to use   
  • Standard Luer-Lock® connection   
  • Straightforward scale up on cartridge sizes ranging from 4 g up to 1600 g   
  • No column packing skills required   


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