Terra Universal Cleanroom BioSafe® Waste Receptacles


Cleanroom BioSafe® Waste Receptacles

These hands-free, cleanroom-friendly receptacles provide the perfect solution to waste disposal challenges. Fabricated of chemical-resistant polypropylene or electropolished stainless steel (304 or 316), these BioSafe waste receptacles feature 100% stainless steel hardware, eliminating contamination common with chrome-plated components that can chip and corrode. They provide years of clean service in the most contamination-sensitive environments. 
Electropolishing eliminates surface contaminants like iron that oxidizes over time, making these receptacles easy to keep clean. Electropolishing also removes minute surface anomalies such as burrs that can snag wipers. The result is an ultra-smooth, chromium- and nickel-rich surface that stands up to the most aggressive cleaning agents. 
The foot pedal lets an operator dispose of trash without touching the receptacle, and the tight-fitting lid safely contains waste. Soft-Close lids eliminate loud noise and minimize turbulent airflow as the lid closes. 
All BioSafe Waste Receptacles come with one rigid, reusable liner made of low-density polyethylene that allow easy waste removal. Liners are treated with an EPA-registered compound for additional protection. Legs raise the receptacles 0.75" (19 mm) to provide air circulation and minimize particle accumulation. These receptacles comply with OSHA standards for cleanliness and waste containment. 
Note: BioSafe waste receptacles are not intended for containment of radioactive waste. Each receptacle comes with a rigid plastic liner; replacement liners are packaged one-per-carton.


  • Soft-Close mechanism eliminates jarring noise and turbulence when top closes; lid gently floats closed 
  • Easy-open foot-pedal keeps hands free and clean 
  • Contoured tight-fitting lid ensures safe, clean disposal of cleanroom trash 
  • Bottom can be removed for easy cleaning and sterilization, eliminating contaminant build-ups 
  • Electropolished stainless steel for optimal cleanliness 
  • Polypropylene combines cleanliness and broad chemical resistance, including acids 
  • Rigid, durable plastic liner allows easy cleaning 
  • Wheeled 40-gallon (151 L) container is easy to maneuver using handle 
  • Stationary receptacles available in multiple capacities 


  • Easily transport the wheeled BioSafe 40-gallon Waste Receptacle: just tilt and roll.
  • BioSafe Waste Receptacle with foot pedal for hands-free operation.
Easily transport the wheeled BioSafe 40-gallon Waste Receptacle: just tilt and roll.

Easily transport the wheeled BioSafe 40-gallon Waste Receptacle: just tilt and roll.

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