LNI Schmidlin Sonimix 6000 C2


Sonimix 6000 C2

The Sonimix 6000 C2 is the station calibration system per excellence. 
The multigas Mass Flow controller calibrator with GPT, ozone and self regenerable zero air generator, Sonimix 6000 C2, is an instrument designed to calibrate manually or by remote control up to 6 monitors installed in an air pollution monitoring station, such as SO2, HC, BTX, CO, NOx and O3. 
Due to the included self re?generable zero air generator, the instrument needs neither maintenance nor expensive and cumbersome zero air pressurized cylinders.
Sonimix 6000 C2
Additional Specifications Dilution by Mass Flow Controlers 
Dilution range 1/100 to 1/1000 @ 3.5L/min 
Options : 
- 3 additional inlets 
- Zero Air Generator (HCm<50ppb, SO2/O3/NO/NO2<0.5ppb, H2O<-50°C DP (-40°F)) 
- CO/CH4 scrubber : CH4<50ppb, CO<50ppb 
- CO Scrubber : CO<50ppb 
- Ozone generator : 30 to 500 ppb + GPT circuits 
- Remote command


  • Multin functions & Convivial 
  • Attractive price 
  • Excellent quality 
  • Accurate 
  • No cylinders 


Cal Sys Sx 6000 C2

Cal Sys Sx 6000 C2

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