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The SONIMIX 3030 is a calibration system, specially developed for simple applications.     
The SONIMIX 3030/Dil can be used to dilute premixed cylinder gases such as NO, SO2, HC, CO, in one concentration.     
The use of high concentrated gas cylinders (ppm) in stead of low concentrated (ppb) give the user the best stability of the gas source, as well as lower functioning costs.     
The micro processor automatically calculate the final concentration in function of the premixed gases and the set dilution point.     
The SONIMIX 3030/Perm can be used to generate different gases (SO2, NO2, NH3, HCl and BTEX) by permeation (in one concentration).     
The use of permeation oven is very usefull for some components that are not available in cylinders.
Additional Specifications The Sonimix 3030 is available in 3 models :     
- Sx 3030 DIL 1Pt : 1 dilution point 1/250 @ 3.5L/min     
- Sx 3030 Perm1T1Pt : 1 permeation oven for 1 tube / 1 concentration     
- Sx 3030 Perm6T1Pt : 1 Permeation oven for 6 tubes / 1 concentration


  • Flexible and modular     
  • Little maintenance     
  • Precise and stable     


Modular Cal Sys Sx 3030

Modular Cal Sys Sx 3030

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