LNI Schmidlin Sonimix 2130


Sonimix 2130

The Sonimix 2130 is the ideal device to test the efficiency of a NOx converter. 
With it’s built in ozone generator and the use of NO cylinder, it’s easy to generate stable value of NO and NO2. 
This technology is regulary used in Emission and Automotive applications. 
This device uses the US EPA method to test NOx converter.
Sonimix 2130
Additional Specifications This model is available in 3 different versions : 
5 to 50 ppm NO2 
25 to 100 ppm NO2 
300 to 1000 ppm NO2


  • US EPA Method 
  • Simple interface 


NOx Conv Tester Sx 2130

NOx Conv Tester Sx 2130

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