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The new COM-1700 poteniometric titrator from JM Science features a large color touch screen, allowing for easy monitoring of any station and providing for real-time pH calibration and stability.

Easily store data on the USB flash memory and then browse the data by PC on a LAN connection. Then export that data to any of several types of file formats including Excel, CSV, HTML etc. The new COM-1700 also has a built-in thermal printer with easy paper-loading features.
Titrator Type Potentiometric


  • Reliable High Speed Communications-No response time lag and results appear in real time.
  • Compact Design-Reduces bench space by 25%
  • New Buret Design-Allows automatic reagent exchange quickly and efficiently, longer-life syringe with top dead center rest position with minimized dead space and buret head position sensor eliminates improper assembly.
  • New Sample Changer-Accommodates a wide selection of test tubes, beakers and conical flasks. Auto shut-down function equipped.


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Hiranuma Company is distributed through JM Science Inc.

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