Union Process S-1 Series


S-1 Series

Models S-1, SC-1 and SD-1     
The S-1 Batch Attritor is a versatile, reliable, rugged laboratory-size machine designed to meet virtually all lab grinding and dispersing needs—either wet or dry. It allows easy and precise scale-up to production size equipment with reproducible results from batch to batch. It is also suitable for small production or pilot plant work.     
Model SDM-1     
The Model SDM-1 is designed for grinding media ranging from 0.25mm to 2mm. The SDM-1 has a shaft with special UP Delta Discs and runs at RPMs of 300 to 2000. It has its own frame, and its tanks are not interchangeable with S-1, SC-1 or SD-1 models. It has a side discharge screen and valve, and the tank tilts for ease of cleaning. The SDM-1 comes with a special stainless steel one-piece cover with charging port. It does not require a shaft seal.     
The Model SDM-1 is available with either a stainless steel, alumina- or zirconium-lined tank. Agitator disks are available in tool steel, stainless steel, plastic or zirconium oxide.


The S-1 also is available in two additional configurations for specific applications.     
  • SC-1 – designed for use with tungsten carbide media and supplied with tungsten carbide arm sleeves.     
  • SD-1 – equipped for dry grinding, includes a metering valve or ball valve and stainless steel cover with floating brush seal for dust control. For continuous operation, disks are added to the shaft.     
The Models S-1, SC-1, and SD-1 are designed for media ranging from 1/8" to 3/8" and run at RPMs of 100 to 500. All share the following features:     
  • Variable shaft RPM.     
  • Adjustable agitator shaft height to accommodate different size grinding media.     
  • Bottom discharge grid with valve for easy sampling and discharge.     
  • Tank slides forward and tips 90° for media discharge and fast cleaning.     
  • Jacketed for cooling (or heating).     
  • Quick disconnects for cooling water.     
Choice of Two Drive Systems 
All models in the S-1 Series are available with either of the following two drives: 
  • An explosion-proof mechanical variable speed drive system with tachometer. 
  • A non-explosion-proof electronic variable frequency drive system. LCD display will be programmed to show agitator RPM, motor AMPS, and motor HP being used. This can be made explosion proof if the drive controls can be installed in a safe area away from the machine. On the machine is a mechanical tachometer and an operator station with an ON/OFF button and speed potentiometer. An optional explosion-proof readout of motor horsepower is available. 


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