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GloMax® Explorer

The GloMax® Explorer System is the newest member of the GloMax® System detection instruments. This multimode reader allows you to get up and running quickly, generating the data you need from your experiments. Simply unpack it, plug it in, and begin your experiments.   
  • Over 50 preloaded protocols for Promega assays   
  • Choose the components you need for your current work   
  • Upgrade later as your experimental needs grow   
  • Single-source for instruments and chemistry means one call supports it all
  • GloMax® Explorer
    Additional Specifications Luminescence Module Specifications   
    Top-reading, head-on photon counting photomultiplier tube (PMT)   
    Wavelength Range:    
    Detection Limit:    
    3 × 10–21 moles of luciferase   
    Linear Dynamic Range:    
    9 logs   
    Cross talk:    
    Less than 3 × 10–5 (white, 96-well plate, Corning 3912)   
    Filtered Luminescence:    
    GloMax® Discover: built-in filter paddle   
    Dynamic Range:    
    9 logs   
    3 × 10–21 moles of luciferase   
    Fluorescence Module Specifications   
    Light Source:    
    Wavelength-matched LED   
    Read Position:    
    Top reading   
    Wavelengths selection:    
    Filter module with 5 standard excitation and emission filters. Empty filter   
    positions are available for custom excitation and emission wavelengths.   
    Wavelengths included:    
    UV (Ex: 365nm, Em: 415–445nm) Blue (Ex: 475nm, Em: 500–550nm)   
    Green (Ex: 525nm, Em: 580–640nm) Red (Ex: 625nm, Em: 660–720nm)   
    AFC (Ex: 405nm, Em: 495–505nm)   
    Detection Limit:    
    2fmol fluorescein/200Μl   
    Linear Dynamic Range:    
    >6 logs (assay dependent)   
    UV-Visible Absorbance Module Specifications   
    Top-reading, head-on photon counting photomultiplier tube (PMT)   
    Light Source:    
    Xenon flash lamp   
    Spectra Range:    
    Filter Wheel:    
    GloMax® Discover: 9 absorbance filters included   
    GloMax® Explorer: 5 absorbance filters   
    Wavelengths included:   
    GloMax® Discover: 230, 260, 280, 320, 405, 450, 490, 560 and 600nm 10nm   
    GloMax® Explorer: 405, 450, 490, 560 and 600nm 10nm bandwidth   
    Detection Limit:    
    0.1 O.D   
    Dynamic Range:    
    0–4.0 O.D


  • Choose from preloaded Promega protocols or customize your own.   
  • Open the box, plug it in and start gathering data without complicated adjustments or waiting on a service technician.   
  • Export data to a network, cloud or any drive desired.   
    Minimal Manual Intervention   
  • Quick read-speeds for high efficiencies in your laboratory.   
  • Compatible for 3rd party automation control.   
    Superior Sensitivity   
  • Aperture control for switching between 96-well and 384-well plates.   
  • Low cross-talk and broad dynamic range for better data.   
  • IQ/OQ Service available.   
  • Provides many of the required technical elements of a part 11 compliant system when used with the appropriate laboratory workflow.
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    promega explorer

    promega explorer

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