Gilson PLC Purification Systems


PLC Purification Systems

Introducing PLC by Gilson, HPLC + FLASH all in one. With the capability to purify compounds by preparative HPLC and FLASH on the same instrument, Gilson's Personal Liquid Chromatography (PLC) systems will simplify and streamline compound purification for your lab - accelerating your research.      
These customizable instruments are available in simple configurations for basic applications, but with a wide range of upgrade options to meet the demands of organic/medicinal chemists and experienced chromatographers.     
Systems are controlled via an intuitive touchscreen interface, making it easy to write and edit methods, and adjust parameters on the fly. The standard fixed wavelength UV detector allows for an affordable detection for HPLC and FLASH, with available upgrades to DAD and/or ELSD. A fully integrated binary pumping system allows for smooth and linear mobile phase delivery, with an available upgrade to add quaternary gradient capabilities for more advanced separations. A fraction collector with space for three racks allows you to continue running longer without replacing test tubes.
PLC Purification Systems
Additional Specifications Flow Rate / Max Pressure:      
50 mL/min, with pressure up to 300 bar (4351 psi)     
Flow Rate Performance:      
2% accuracy (with H2O degassed at 20°C)     
Repeatability better than 0.5%     
Gradient Former:      
Linear response from 2 to 98%     
System Protection:      
Software with minimum and maximum pressures adjustable     
Via computer software "Gilson Glider Prep"     
Up to 32 methods in software memory and 80 GB of dard disk memory     
AC Mains Supply Voltage:     
110V and 240V ~; 50/60 Hz (wattage: 350 W max.)     
Electrical Protection:     
Delayed action fuses T 6.3A H 250 V~


  • Safe storage; Up to 5 bottles of 2.5 litres in two stainless steel trays     
  • Dual reciprocating pump technology. 50 mL/min, 250 mL/min or 500 mL/min pump heads     
  • 10.4" Panel PC with touch screen and new Gilson Glider Prep software     
  • Four-wavelength UV-Vis, or PDA (available for up to 200-840nm)     
  • 190 HPLC columns from 10mm to 100mm     
  • Built-in electronic injection valve     
  • Variable dynamic mixing chamber     
  • Built-in acquisition channel for ELS, RI, or any other detector     
  • Two or four independent solvent inlets for binary or quaternary gradients     
  • Three rack fraction collector capacity with unlimited collection cycles
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    plc purification systems

    plc purification systems

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