Gilson 333/334 Prep-Scale HPLC Pumps


333/334 Prep-Scale HPLC Pumps

One preparative pumping solution to accommodate columns ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm ID in high pressure normal and reverse phases at pressures up to 3,040 psi (210 bar).   
Your delivery solution for preparative chromatography. Capable of fast separations with high-efficiency columns in normal and reverse-phase modes. Choose the 333 Master Pump for isocratic applications or a 333/334 combination for binary gradient applications.
333/334 Prep-Scale HPLC Pumps
Additional Specifications Composition and Mixing:   
Increment: 0.1%   
Dwell volume: 3.7 mL, pressure independent   
Gradient linearity range: 1–98% B for 10 mL/min and higher   
Environmental Conditions:    
Indoor use   
Altitude: up to 2000 m   
Temperature range: 5–40°C   
Air pressure: 75–105 kPa   
Pollution degree: 1 or 2, in accordance with IEC 66   
Humidity: Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C   
Flow Rate:    
1–200mL/min (3,040 psi)   
Selectable units: L/hr and mL/min   
Adjustment increment: 0.01 mL/min   
Minimum adjustable value: 20 µL/min   
Accuracy: bias <±1% or 5.3 µL/min (333), bias <±2% or 53 µL/min (333/334)   
Repeatability: RSD <0.5% or 2.7 µL/min (333), RSD <0.7% or 27 µL/min (333/334)   
Front Panel (333 Pump):   
40-character, eight-line display, adjustable contrast and screen saver; 25 functional keys, including six soft keys   
Liquid-Contact Materials:    
316L stainless steel, titanium, FEP, PTFE, PCTFE, ETFE, PEEK, UHMWP, ruby, and ceramics   
Power Requirements:    
Frequency: 50–60 Hz   
Voltage: 90–120 or 220–260V; mains voltage fluctuations not to exceed ±10% of the nominal voltage   
Nominal range: from 0.5 MPa (5 bar, 70 psi) up to 21 MPa (210 bar, 3,040 psi)   
Pump Options:    
333: single-solvent master pump (w/control panel), 0.2–200 mL/min, 21 MPa (3,040 psi)   
333/334: two-solvent pumping system, 2–200 mL/min 21 MPa (3,040 psi)   
334: third-solvent, remote controlled pump (w/o control panel), 2–200 mL/min, 21 MPa (3,040 psi)   
Via TRILUTION® LC Software and 506C interface or GSIOC slave bus   
Dimensions (w x d x h):   
333: 26 x 41 x 51 cm (10.2 x 16.2 x 20.1 in.)   
334: 26 x 41 x 39 cm (10.2 x 16.2 x 15.3 in.)   
34 kg (75 lbs.)


  • Milligram-to-gram level sample mass throughput per injection; up to 15 g depending on column size and loading capacity   
  • Composition gradient with high-pressure mixing: 333-334 binary system (third pump for ternary). Solvent selection on each pump with addition of four-solvent valve (up to eight solvents)   
  • Ability to operate additional pumps in parallel to double the flow rate up to 400 mL/min   
  • Control from 333 master pump: flow-rate gradient, four-solvent selection and step gradient (additional valve), composition gradient (one or two additional pumps), sample-injection pump, UV/VIS detector and electrical input/output contacts with any other associated equipment   
  • Quiet operation, durable design   
  • Control 33X Pumps and an entire preparative HPLC system via TRILUTION® LC Software   
  • Stackable to conserve bench space
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    Gilson 333 334 Pumps

    Gilson 333 334 Pumps

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