Horizon IHC HDx™ Reference Standards


IHC HDx™ Reference Standards

The availability of genetically defined reference materials offers an industry standard for development and quality control of IHC assays, directly improving the accuracy and reproducibility. IHC HDx Reference Standards provide laboratories with a consistent source of positive and negative reference material on one slide.


  • Assay optimization and performance monitoring   
    A renewable and consistent point of reference when optimizing and monitoring the performance of your assay   
  • Antibody evaluation   
    Guide the evaluation of antibodies based on their sensitivity and specificity   
  • On-slide control   
    Place your sample alongside HDx Reference Standards and provide confidence to your IHC result for routine evaluation   
  • Upcoming Genotypes   
    HER2, Ki67, ER, PR, PDL1,PD1, IDH1, PTEN, More...
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    IHC HDx™ Reference Standards

    IHC HDx™ Reference Standards

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