Shimadzu AOC-6000



The AOC-6000 is capable of exchanging syringe modules automatically. Simply choose between liquid injection, headspace (HS) injection, or solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection. The AOC will pick the appropriate syringe module and perform the sample introduction.       
The AOC-6000 is controlled by GCMSsolution software. All parameters related to sample introduction are clearly displayed, easy to set and stored within the GCMS method. Specific programming functions, such as “heat ahead”, can be implemented easily within the method set-up windows of GCMSsolution software.       
The automatic syringe exchange (10 ΜL to 1000 ΜL) feature enables the autosampler to dilute and mix prior to injection. It's now possible to use the autosampler to prepare multi-point calibration standards from a stock solution and spike each with internal standards.


  • Automatic Switching Between Three GC/MS Sample Injection Modes       
  • Simple to Operate from GCMSsolution       
  • Automated Pretreatment Maximizes Analysis Efficiency
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    AOC - 6000

    AOC - 6000

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