LECO Corporation Pegasus® GC-HRT+ 4D


Pegasus® GC-HRT+ 4D

LECO’s most recent innovation in the gas chromatography sector, the Pegasus GC-HRT 4D, provides users with the unprecedented ability to investigate complex samples and identify unknown analytes. Combining the highest performance GCxGC and TOFMS on the market with High Resolution Deconvolution™ (HRD™), users are able to find more analytes than ever before and identify components with ultimate confidence.       
These advances in technology are paired with LECO’s ChromaTOF-HRT® brand software, which is tailored to get the most out of your High Resolution data when used in conjunction with NIST and Accurate Mass Libraries. Further features such as the generation of Pseudo-Molecular ions via Chemical Ionization, retention time matching, isotope patterns, and mass accuracy of deconvoluted fragments, all lead to confident identification.       
With mass accuracies of 1 ppm and peak capacity potential at least two times greater than any mass spectrometer currently available on the marketplace, the Pegasus GC-HRT 4D is the solution to winning the fight against coelution and analyzing even the most complex samples.


  • High Resolution Deconvolution (HRD) deconvolutes and identifies important analytes in complex matrices.       
  • LECO’s Folded Flight Path® (FFP®) technology not only provides high resolution and sensitivity, but also provides higher orders of TOF focusing which prevents standard TOF dispersion and allows for broader initial conditions.       
  • KADAS® our patented ion statistics based data acquisition system dramatically reduces noise, ensures mass accuracy, and reduces file size.       
  • ChromaTOF-HRT brand software designed specifically for HRT instrumentation and GCxGC support, add advanced qualitative and quantitative capabilities to an all-in-one user-friendly datasystem.
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    Pegasus by LECO

    Pegasus by LECO

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