Waters Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer


Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer

Does high resolution, accurate mass data always lead to the correct answer first time? Avoid additional confirmatory experiments by utilizing the selectivity of ion mobility. Featuring new geometry and including XS Ion Optics and the QuanTof2 detection system, the Vion IMS QTof has the sensitivity and dynamic range to make ion mobility quantitative and routinely usable, enabling:   
  • Easier data interpretation as ion mobility cleans up and simplifies every spectrum   
  • Confident identification and quantification of analytes   
  • Faster method development and higher sample throughput   
  • Greater selectivity than conventional MS/MS with HDMSE   


Clarity - easier data interpretation   
With Vion IMS QTof you can use the selectivity of ion mobility to quickly refine spectra and discount chromatographically co-eluting compounds and background interferences. Enabling you to characterize your compounds with confidence.   
Confident identification and quantification of analytes   
The ability to gather and process CCS data for every ion gives you more confidence in your data than ever before. Vion IMS QTof is driven by UNIFI scientific information system to deliver the most comprehensive analytical workflow, enabling you to target, identify, and review results in a single software platform. Make more informed decisions, faster.   
CCS provides chromatographic retention time independent data points, enabling confident identification of your analytes and reducing the risk of false positives and false negatives. Even during initial sample analysis, without any retention time knowledge, you can use theoretical exact mass and CCS library values to identify unknown and unexpected components.   
Faster method development and higher sample throughput   
The Vion IMS QTof delivers a powerful combination of 50,000 mass resolution, high sensitivity, sub 1 ppm mass accuracy and enhanced quantitative performance. Data acquisition methods use ion mobility as standard and are simple and straight-forward to operate.   
Industry-leading UNIFI software significantly reduces the data processing bottleneck by providing rapid access to results through efficient data acquisition and processing steps. UNIFI also allows you to build, create and share comprehensive reports quickly and easily.   
Get all the data you need in a single experiment   
MSE records data without discrimination or pre-selection. As a result, your samples are completely catalogued in a single analysis. Without the selectivity of ion mobility separation, absolute confirmation of the relationship between a fragment and a precursor requires a dedicated MS/MS experiment.   
With Vion IMS QTof, HDMSE- Unlimited Product Ion acquisition mode is now possible on a bench top QTof. This data- independent acquisition mode uses the selectivity of ion mobility to time-align precursor ions with their product ions, bringing the specificity of MS/MS to all compounds detected. This acquisition mode requires less set up time than DDA methods and because all the data is collected in one analysis, the need to reacquire is eliminated. Acquiring all data in one analysis combined with the added specificity from ion mobility provides the confidence to make better decisions faster.


Waters Vion IMS

Waters Vion IMS

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