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Callisto System

For too long differentiation and reprogramming have meant being resigned to long manual hours, weekends at the bench and frustrating, inconsistent results. But what if you could choose a different fate—for you and your cells? Introducing Callisto™, the industry-first platform that lets you design, optimize and execute multistage, long-term protocols with a few taps on a screen. Program your experiment offline, collaborate on protocols and, when you’re ready, press Run and walk away... for up to three weeks.     
Callisto revolutionizes cell model studies with a new, fully integrated system for precise manipulation of biological pathways for in vitro cell culture. The system’s innovative integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) includes 32 independent chambers that can be controlled for up to three weeks with minimal intervention. Design protocols anywhere using the drag-and-drop features of the Callisto Experiment Planner to schedule feeding, dosing and harvesting, and monitor experiments remotely, for a more efficient workflow than ever before possible. When your protocol is done, you can harvest single-cell suspensions or bulk cells to prepare for the analysis of your choice, including targeted gene expression, whole transcriptome, microRNA analysis, DNA sequencing, imaging or live-cell plating and expansion.
Callisto System
Depth 27.5 in
Height 19.7 in
Width 17.3 in
Weight 137 lbs
Additional Specifications Temperature:     
Ambient between 15-28ºC (59-82ºF) stable     
30-80%, noncondensing     
8.0 A (max)     
100-240 V     
Main Supply Fluctuation:      
Not to exceed ±10% of the nominal supply voltage      
50/60 Hz


  • Powerful     
    Optimize your experiment with multifactorial dosing of your cells with any combination of RNA, small molecules, virus and other differentiation factors.     
  • Efficient     
    Save time, effort and cost with an easy workflow based on prescheduled media and dosing changes and nanoliter-scale reaction volumes.     
  • Flexible     
    Accelerate discovery with integrated workflows for live-cell, RNA, DNA or protein analysis.     
  • Simple     
    Run a complete culture protocol within a single instrument with just a touch of your finger.
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    Callisto System

    Callisto System

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