Fast and practical high resolution separation and quantitation of charged and polar analytes.       
The P/ACE Series is an automated, programmable capillary electrophoresis system designed to perform fast separations from complex samples. Separations occur in a capillary which is housed in an interchangeable cartridge with circulating liquid coolant for efficient temperature control. This finely regulated temperature control allows the use of high ionic strength buffers and large-bore capillaries necessary for analyzing difficult samples. With CE, methods are faster to develop, easier to validate, and less expensive to run. Note that different detectors are available to optimize performance for your application.       
For every researcher there is an ideal analytical technology—one that helps you achieve your goals.
Electropheresis Type Capillary
Depth 28.4 in
Height 29.2 in
Width 25 in
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Peak Power 30 kV
Weight 188 lbs


The system includes a selectable-wavelength high sensitivity modular UV/Vis detector (includes 200, 214, 230 and 254 nm filters to optimize analyte specificity), UV source optics, temperature-controlled sample storage module and 32 Karat™ Software configured on a desktop controller. Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification 1 (OQ1) and documentation to aid in software validation is also included.       
  • Built-in auto-sampler and programmable array of 36 pairs of buffers       
  • Exclusive circulating liquid, precisely regulates capillary temperature       
  • Sample temperature control       
  • Integrated interchangeable detector modules       
  • Methods development with 36 position buffer array       
  • Optional modular detectors: Diode Array and Single or Dual Wavelength laser induced fluorescence       
  • CAESAR integration algorithms       
  • Automatic standards co-injection       
  • Multi-mode electrokinetic, pressure and vacuum sample introduction       
  • Internal fluidic system with variable pressure or vacuum       
  • Robust sample interface       
  • Sample from vials, micro vials or 96-well plates       
  • Fully programmable separation methods       
  • Easy to maintain
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