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AAS 800

The PerkinElmer AAnalyst™ 800 high-performance atomic absorption spectrometer with WinLab32 for AA software features an automated motorized atomizer exchange that allows switching between flame and graphite furnace AA by a simple software command. The instrument is equipped with a high performance burner system , TotalFlow™ gas controls for flame AA and a Transversely Heated Graphite Furnace (THGA) with longitudinal Zeeman-effect background corrector.
AAS 800
Graphite Furnace Yes
Lamps 8-lamp holder
Maximum Temperature 2600 °C in steps of 10 °C
Zeeman Yes
Wavelength Range 190 to 900 nm
Power Requirements 230 V (±10%), 50/60 Hz (±1%),
Peak Power 5000 VA (max)
Weight 187 kg (without controller and cooling system)


The graphite furnace system includes True Temperature Control (TTC) and integrated platform tubes providing full Stabilized Temperature Platform Furnace (STPF) conditions for almost interference-free trace metal analysis. The built-in, high-capacity AS-800 autosampler adds exceptional productivity and flexibility.    
The AAnalyst 800 utilizes the industry leading WinLab 32 for AA software that brings a new level of productivity to high-performance atomic absorption. The optional Enhanced Security (ES) software adds additional capabilities needed for regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11.


Perkin Elmer AAS 800

Perkin Elmer AAS 800

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Problem with autosampler AS800- please help

Error Message: Furnace autosampler has timed out. The furnace autosampler was unable to cycle normally and is now in standby mode   During a stability check, the calibration, blanks, and LFB came out fine and then we were prompted with...


Hi, I am planning to buy Perkin ELmer 800 AAS. I am wondering what are other make and models that I should consider to make my final decision?Thanks,Bhupinder

Problem with autosampler AS 800

It appear error 318 "run out of time, standby mode..." autosampler does not rinse, and the sample valve is making a vibration noise at the effort to pull water from rinse bottle. Afterwhile it stops and error 318 appears. Is it the sensor...

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Perkin Elmer AAS 800

Overall Satisfaction Rating: 4 out of 5
Reliability Rating: 4 out of 5
Ease Of Use Rating: 3 out of 5

A good workhorse AA. Maximize your time with the install tech. DEFINITLY go take the PE AA training. Some of it is pretty basic, but the methods...

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