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The MassARRAY® System by Agena Bioscience™ combines mass spectrometry, sensitive and robust chemistry, and advanced data analysis software to meet the assay design, validation, and routine testing needs of all genomic laboratories.       
The MassARRAY System simplifies the process of design and implementation of new testing paradigms in the laboratory.       
  • Select the application best suited to your area of interest.       
  • Choose from a variety of pre-configured reagent kits, or select one of our general reagent kits and use our assay design software to customize with your own primers and probes.       
  • The sensitivity of the Agena Bioscience chemistry allows a variety of sample types to be tested, from FFPE, to blood plasma, to whole genome amplified DNA.       
  • Any combination of method, reagent, application, and sample type can be tested and analyzed using the MassARRAY System and software.       
    Next-generation sequencing and genome-wide association studies have revolutionized the genetic landscape, leading to the discovery of genetic markers with potential relevance for personalized medicine and pharmacogenetics. However, all genetic marker candidates – whether they are particular polymorphic loci, gene transcripts, or methylated regions – require further validation in order to advance to the next stage of utility and potentially lead to a molecular diagnostic test. An ideal validation method should be flexible and scalable in throughput to evaluate a varying number and type of markers. The MassARRAY® System, available in 24-, 96-, and 384-well formats, affords this capability.
  • Features

  • Fast turnaround time in less than a day       
  • High multiplex capability from a single well (up to 40-plex)       
  • Low reagent cost       
  • Quantifiable results       
  • Reduced bias compared to RT-PCR       
  • Customizable reports for comprehensive data review and interpretation       
  • Optimize resources with load-and-go processing       
  • Maximize throughput with overnight runs       
  • Achieve high quality results with reduced sample handling
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    Agena MassARRAY

    Agena MassARRAY

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