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Porvair Krystal series clear bottom plates are now recognised as industry-leading tools for Pharma drug discovery and screening. Our standard clear polystyrene bottom plates   
have bases just 0.4mm thick and are moulded from highly polished tools to reduce flow lines, artefacts and scratches, guaranteeing good results with all types of bottom-reading instruments. For the more modern demanding confocal readers, Porvair Glass Bottom plates have been shown by leading research institutes to be unsurpassed for flatness, linearity and optical clarity. Our sparkling pure borosilicate glass is just 175µm thick with a flatness tolerance across the plate of +/- 15µm ensuring superb crisp images every time.   
We supply our Krystal clear plates treated for cell culture with a low pressure gas plasma that produces an even surface treatment right across the plate. It is particularly   
suited to cell lines which do not grow easily on plastics. Our plastic-bottomed plates are ultrasonically welded together – a tried and tested method which both guarantees a perfect seal every time and eliminates the inconsistencies seen with laser membrane welding used by other manufacturers. Only biocompatible adhesives are used for glass bottom plates, cured by UV radiation to ensure that the finished plates are solvent-free, have very low autofluorescence and will allow good cell growth.


  • Black plates designed for top reading fluorescence instruments   
  • Black plates have low background fluorescence and minimise light scattering   
  • White plates maximise signal for luminescence readers   
  • Highly polished well to give better readings   
  • Specially designed plate featuring a white well set in a black matrix to overcome the problem of a very high luminescence causing false positives   
  • Working volumes of 350µl/well   
  • Complies with the standard ANSI/SLAS format   
  • Alphanumerically labelled wells mean samples can be easily traced
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