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The FlexSTAR+ is AutoGen’s newest solution for fully automated genomic DNA extraction and isolation from large volumes of whole blood. It is the next generation of our FLEX STAR model with the same proven reliability and chemistry but now with the ability to completely automate the DNA extraction process from primary tube sampling to final DNA elution into storage tubes. 
The FlexSTAR+ is the first and only totally automated system using Qiagen’s FlexiGene chemistry to isolate genomic DNA free of RNA and other contaminants. This proven precipitation chemistry produces pure, high molecular weight gDNA ready for immediate use and long-term storage. In addition, the FlexSTAR+ has the ability to read and record barcodes on primary tubes throughout the process to preserve sample integrity.


  • Totally automates entire process for genomic DNA extraction from primary tubes to DNA storage tubes 
  • Uses Qiagen’s proven precipitation chemistry for pure genomic DNA, free of RNA contamination 
  • Produces high yields and consistently high quality DNA ready for immediate use or long-term storage 
  • Includes protocols for 1-2ml, 3-5ml and 6-10ml of fresh or frozen whole blood 
  • Can draw sample from a variety of primary tube sizes 
  • Runs up to 30 samples in a single batch 
  • Reads and records barcodes on primary tubes 
  • Has an internal barcode scanner to verify sample input and DNA output positions 
  • Provides liquid level detection for accurate pipetting using positive air pressure 
  • Includes clot detection that alerts user before proceeding with sample 
  • Delivers final elution in SBS-type storage tubes of the user’s choosing
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    AutoGen is a leading provider of nucleic acid extraction equipment that allows lab professionals to Prep with Confidence 




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