Phenomenex Yarra SEC-X150


Yarra SEC-X150

New Yarra 1.8µm SEC-X150 with bio-inert hardware allows for exceptional separation power for both low and high MW biomolecules, fast GFC/SEC methods, excellent lifetime, and reproducibility.     
The great care exhibited in both engineering and packing Yarra™ columns can produce stable performance over longer lifetimes than other size exclusion columns on the market. Over the course of time, reduced numbers of column replacements add up to significant time and money savings for your lab.


  • Efficient-3µm particle size for sharp peaks and increased resolution     
  • Reproducible-Expert manufacturing for consistent performance, time and time again      
  • Durable-Engineered for long column lifetime     
  • Inert-Optimized bonding for extreme surface inertness, ensuring accurate recoveries     
  • Versatile-Three phases to achieve optimal separation
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