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Gyrolab hulgG Kits

Gyros has developed two kits to rapidly determine human intact IgG titers over broad concentration ranges: 
Gyrolab huIgG Kit– High Titer for µg – mg concentrations 
Gyrolab huIgG Kit – Low Titer for ng – µg concentrations 
The kits are composed of ready-to-use reagents and are compatible with two Bioaffy CDs that differ in sample volume. The dynamic range of each assay, typically 3-4 logs, depends on the CD used – Bioaffy 1000 HC for low titers and Bioaffy 20 HC for high titers. Gyrolab systems completely automate the analytical process and generate 96 or 112 data-points in approximately one hour. The kits are designed to quantify human IgG1, IgG2 and IgG4 in cell cultures.



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