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Recombinant Prokaryotic Lectins

Recombinant prokaryotic lectins (RPL®) are superior glycoselective biaffinity molecules that enable simple, fast, and efficient detection, analysis, and isolation of intact glycosylated biomolecules.   
Currently, most commercially available lectins are from plants and other eukaryotes. Whilst these offer many advantages as glycoanalytical tools, they still carry with them many limitations:   
Lack of selectivity - Plant derived lectins have often been reported to bind to a range of different glycan structures and so lack the selectivity required for many applications.   
Inconsistent Quality and Performance - Batch-to-batch variability is common when using plant lectins. The quality of the products depends on the methodology of isolation of the plant material, and on the quality of the starting plant material itself.   
Incompatibility with recombinant production methods - Like many plant and eukaryotic proteins, plant lectins are not amenable to recombinant expression in E. coli. Therefore, expression often results in low yields or insoluble protein products. This is further complicated by the multiple subunits and post-translational modifications that eukaryotic lectins carry.   
Production is not readily scalable - The incompatibility of plant and eukaryotic lectins with recombinant production methods limits the scalability of their production, meaning their application is limited to small scale applications.


  • Specific, high-affinity Glycoselective Binding   
  • Simple and scalable production   
  • Consistent High Quality   
  • Superior Performance   
  • Contain poly-histidine tag   
  • No disulphide bonds
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