CSS Analytical 6890 Lan Upgrade


6890 Lan Upgrade

Upgrade your 6890 GC systems to a modern PC with full network connectivity and the very latest Agilent Chemstation. 
We basically put a Lan card and related hardware into your GC. We advise you how to configure your Network card inside your PC, help you load new Chemstation software and make connections via a hub and Cat-5 cable. Easy ! 
Any time Agilent puts together a kit, the cost goes UP, UP, UP ! We buy the same parts individually and put together our own kit. Since we don't have the same overhead as Agilent, we can keep the prices lower.  
Upgrade your 6890 GC systems to a modern PC with full network connectivity, a DVD burner, Flash drive, Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 and the very latest Chemstation. Do it now while these parts are still available ! 
Our easy to install kit includes a Lan card for the 6890 GC, Hub, Cat-5 Cables and easy to follow instructions. Have your older HPIB based 6890 running on a screaming fast PC in less than a couple of hours. Do it now for a price that is HALF of the alternative package. Bring your perfectly good 5+ year old GC into the modern era and allow it to run another ten to fifteen years.



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