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ChIP-seq kit

Chromatrap’s® new ChIP-seq kit utilises the solid state technology in parallel with high throughput sequencing to deliver a streamlined ChIP-seq protocol from small cell numbers and low chromatin concentrations. This allows faster, more reproducible genome wide identification of TF binding sites and specific DNA associated protein modifications. 
The Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit allows the user to perform up to 24 ChIP assays from cell collection through to immunoprecipitation, including up to 10 chromatin sample preparations. The kit provides all of the major components required for performing ChIP assays to obtain adequate high quality DNA for NGS library preparation. With Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit you can sequence from as little as 1-50 Μg of chromatin and perform up to 10 library preparations form a single IP. With selective and sensitive enrichment of low chromatin loading and optimised elution buffer chemistry allows for high quality and quantity of immunoprecipitated DNA. The kit is also available in enzymatic format for shearing of DNA by enzymatic digestion and a 96 well microplate format for high throughput ChIP-seq.



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Chromatrap® has been developed by Porvair Sciences in collaboration with Swansea University.

Porvair Sciences is part of Porvair plc, a specialist...

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