Thermo Scientific Cryotome™ FSE Cryostats


Cryotome™ FSE Cryostats

Reduce turnaround time using rapid temperature response with the Thermo Scientific™ Cryotome™ FSE Cryostat. This fifth-generation instrument is adapted for multiple users and samples, with built-in operator comfort, and a superior knife holder design that allows the user to easily obtain quickly identifiable frozen sections. It features a spacious, easy-to-use chamber.


  • Microtome located outside of the cryochamber, making it easier and quicker to clean 
  • Blade holder moves laterally, eliminating the need to unclamp and re-clamp blade and maximizing blade usage 
  • Section thickness adjusts from 1 to 20Μm in 1Μm increments and 20 to 60Μm in 5Μm increments 
    Cryochamber Temperature Controls 
  • Control chamber temperature from 0° to -35°C 
  • Control cryobar temperature 
  • Cool specimen rapidly to prevent freezing artifacts with cryobar refrigeration system that cools to -55°C 
  • Cool from ambient to set temperature in as little as two hours 
    Ergonomic/Safety Features 
  • Disinfect cryochamber with automatic formalin fumigation cycle 
  • Prevent injury while working around blade and specimen with positive-locking flywheel 
  • Section a variety of tissue types by controlling the temperature of the specimen holder from 0° to 40°C, within ±10°C of chamber temperature
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