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Archer™ FusionPlex™ Assays are purpose-built for gene fusion detection using next-generation sequencing (NGS) on Illumina® and Ion Torrent™ platforms. Each assay generates target-enriched cDNA libraries from RNA, even from FFPE samples. Produced libraries can be analyzed, free of charge, with Archer Analysis, an optimized in silico bioinformatics solution that clearly presents detected fusions, breakpoints and variants with robust statistical quality assurances.


  • No prior knowledge of fusion partners and breakpoints required     
  • Detect known and novel gene fusions from as little as 20ng input nucleic acid from FFPE samples.     
  • Objective sequence-based data compared to subjective FISH analysis     
  • Novel enrichment chemistry yields high on-target percentage     
  • Random start sites improve sequence data quality
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    ArcherDX addresses the bottlenecks associated with using next-generation sequencing in translational research by offering a robust platform for targeted...

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