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Gravity Oven

LabStrong and North Central Laboratories have teamed up to offer a gravity oven capable of meeting Standard Method 2540B (Total Solids Dried at 103-105°C) and 2540D (Total Suspended Solids Dried at 103-105°C) requirements. The oven has been certified to have a uniformity of +/- 1°C at 104°C by an independent testing facility. The oven, sold exclusively through NCL, offers industry leading temperature uniformity performance at an exceptional price point.   
Gentle drying and heating, with low turbulence, protects delicate samples where a fan airflow would disturb them. Advanced touch screen graphical control provides intuitive operation with precise temperature control. Ideal for labs where space is at a premium, the lightweight, compact oven conserves benchtop space and fits in most fume hoods. The oven is intended for use in biological, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, and physical laboratories.
Gravity Oven
Temperature Uniformity ± 1 °C
Internal Depth 320.7 mm
Internal Height 285.8 mm
Internal Width 304.8 mm
Oven Orientation Bench / Cabinet
Oven Type Gravity Convection
Cooling System No
Number of Shelves 2
Temperature Precision .5 °C
Chamber Volume 1 cu. ft.
Shipping Dimensions 24in. × 21in. × 27in.
Shipping Weight 50 lbs
Temperature Range 50 to 150 °C
Depth 460.4 mm
Height 444.5 mm
Width 443 mm
Power Requirements (60 Hz): 100-120 VAC, 6.3 A, 750 W
Weight 19.5 kg


Product Features:   
Superior Performance Capabilities   
  • ]Digital PID controller for quick, stable, and accurate temperature setting   
  • High quality construction and insulation provide industry leading temperature uniformity   
  • Chamber temperature uniformity is +/-1° at 104°C   
  • Quick ramp-up and recovery times following sample insertion   
  • Calibration can be performed at user selected temperature   
  • Wire shelves allow for efficient airflow throughout chamber   
Energy Efficient   
  • Timed mode turns unit off for added energy savings   
  • Silicone door gasket and spring tension door latch prevent heat loss   
  • Ceramic fiber insulation minimizes heat loss   
Simple to Use   
  • Easy to read 4.3’’ graphic display with intuitive touch screen interface   
  • Programmable timed (up to 999 hours and 99 minutes) or continuous operation   
  • Small footprint for operation on standard benchtops and in most fume hoods   
  • Easy access to interior chamber and shelf adjustment   
  • Multi-level shelving system allows for optimal space utilization   
    • Thick wall and door thermal insulation maintains safe, low outer case temperatures   
    • Over temperature protection alarm system with automatic shutoff and visual alarms    
    • Tough Construction   
    • Durable outer case constructed of scratch-resistant powder coated steel   
    • Corrosion resistant aluminum inner chamber   
    • Insulation increases energy efficiency   


    Labstrong Gravity Oven

    Labstrong Gravity Oven

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