Ziath DataPaq Handheld Tube Reader


DataPaq Handheld Tube Reader

The Ziath DataPaq™ Handheld reader is a truly portable scanner which can be held and operated in one hand; leaving the other free for tube handling. 
The handheld tube scanner requires no external computer and is easily operated with one hand; leaving the other hand free to manipulate tubes. The software is pre-loaded and boots up immediately with a battery life of up to a week with casual use. This device allows you to scan tubes standing in the basement at the freezer or liquid nitrogen tank. Even out in the field acquiring samples.
DataPaq Handheld Tube Reader
Depth 38 mm
Height 155 mm
Width 65 mm
Weight 150 g
Additional Specifications Battery charger input: 
100-240VAC 60/50Hz, 260mA 
Battery charger output: 
5VDC, 2.4A 
Battery life: 
Typically 8 hours between charges 
Data storage on instrument:  
Typically up to 60 000 samples 
Display size:  
55mm x 90mm 
Instrument operating system:  
Android 5.0 Lollipop


  • Intelligent and fully portable 2D barcode reader for single tubes 
  • 4 operating modes 
  • Up or Down-load data from host computer 
  • Full day operation without the need to recharge the battery 
  • Cryoprotection provided as standard
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